Top 10 Converting Referrers

Conversions 1 / name

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Referrers Visits Conv. 1 Conv. 1 Rate Percent of total
List of all the referrers which generated conversions of type 1
The number of visits to your site over the selected period for each referrer.
Conv. 1
The number of conversions 1 for each referrer
Conv. 1
Conv. 1 Rate
The percentage of conversions
per visit for each referrer.

Pink cells indicate a value worse than your site's average for this metric. Green cells indicate a value better than average. The deeper the shading the more important the difference from average.

Yellow cells are not statistically relevant and have no color coding.

Particularly deep pink cells might indicate a problem with your site for that particular referrer
Conv. 1 rate
Percent of total
The percentage of conversion 1 for this referrer, over all your conversions 1.
Weighted Averages ▸ 12.32%
Direct Access 705 64 9.08% 67.4%
Google   64 29 45.31% 30.5%
login 1 1 100.00% 1.1%
Direct Access (nojavascript) 1 1 100.00% 1.1%
all referrers shown