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Posted on 2019-04-23
Excellent! Great improvements recently.
URL monitored: http://jonsynergy
Not a Query, a comment, as I've just referred Counter Central on to a group I'm in who are discussing Google Analytics - which I find too time consumingly complicated to use. I love how CounterCentral provides detailed up-to-the-second stats, dating back years, and presented in such an easy to follow way. Best of all for me -as a I have an online-only mail order business - is the email alerts when the website is off air. Vital to have when I'm in the middle of an expensive ad campaign. Keep up the great work!
Fiona Lake
You are right! I tried IE and the page works fine. Firefox just released 5.2, but the same bug is still there. Thanks for spotting this. Your tech support is really second to none (well the guys who develop my software, Tarma Software Research,, are just as good, but it is unusual these days). Best wishes,
Anne-Wil Harzing

Stars Over Texas - Custom Metal Art
I just had to write you and tell you that you have BY FAR The most incredible site stat counter on the market. I have tried alot of them, But within minutes I knew that yours was the most detailed and accurate in the business... AWESOME product. Thanks, And I will be joining you as a member!
Mike Anderson
Waco Texas

Autumn Leaf Gifts
I thought the service was the best I have found on the internet. It especially helped knowing where potential customers were referred from and what they looked at and what page they left on. After cancelling for budgetary reasons, I realized I just could not do without your service and signed back up!
Mary Schreiber
The counter was perfect, in fact the reports gave me everything I needed and more, plus some stuff I didn't know I needed ! Have no doubt about this: when the website is ready for a permanent counter, it WILL be CounterCentral.
Sharon Gill
I cannot tell you how helpful CounterCentral is. I have a fairly small business and cannot afford the bigger services (like Urchin). You really do provide a terrific service.
Micahel O'Brien

Strange Logic
Hi, I just wanted to drop you an email and say how much I enjoyed your web site CounterCentral. I have just left college and started my 1st job writing content for a web site in the UK. While researching I came across your site and found it a superb resource for all things that I am currently writing about. You have helped me massively in gaining new information on subjects in which, to be honest, I previously knew little about. I don't believe that I am the first that this site has helped. This is just a simple thanks for your hard work and help in better educating and assisting me in my new tasks. Kind Regards
Rachel O'Rourke
Strange Logic

The Colour Palette
Hi, just had to tell you that the changes you make continue to make this a better and better site. CounterCentral is now in my and my colleagues opinions the best there is, has to be. The extra detail ie, the flags, giving us even more detail regarding our visitors, is fantastic. Thank you, great job!
Gina Hoepf
The Colour Palette

DayBue Publishing
I just wanted you to know how happy I am with your service. Very fair price, stats are in a really easy-to-read layout, just a really great service. Thank you for providing it.
Elizabeth Day
DayBue Publishing
I really appreciate your tracking counter, it has already assisted me more than I knew it would. A page on my site that I considered incidental is the #1 entry page for visitors! I appreciate your service and will add more counters to my sites as fast as I can! Best regards,
Nan Werner

Just as a note you guys offer a top-quality service and I have not one complaint since I signed up over a year ago. I got exactly what I needed and expected and I am 100% satisfied. Thanks a lot !
Benj Bilheimer

Roeder's Realm - Online Bookseller
My experience as a Premium member with CounterCentral over the past months has been great! The service has all the stats I need, and the customization options are excellent. CounterCentral is reliable and so easy to use. I highly recommend this service to anyone with a web presence.
Christine Roeder
Roeder's Realm - Online Bookseller

You Weight and See
You guys are fantastic ! Every stat I want is where I can find it. Whatever stats you don't have, I suspect I don't need ! In the last week, I've had two visitors who searched under AOL and under Google respectively, with keywords combinations I did not anticipate. While they left my site to search elsewhere for what they were looking for, this tells me my keywords are working, and that CounterCentral is working for me. It shows me my business strategy will work. Thanks !
Chris Turner
Personal Trainer - Australia

Literature Circles Resource Center - Seattle University
I really love your counter service! I have an educational web site designed to help teachers, and I find it extremely valuable to have the statistics that CounterCentral provides. When searching for a counter service on the web, it's really a stab in the dark. Your site appealed to me right away for a whole bunch of reasons.... so I took a chance and tried out the 30 day free access. Thanks for your quick reply to my question -- I will continue using your resource !
Katherine Schlick Noe
Seattle University
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Gigasoft Development
We absolutely love your product here, we are a small and growing business and, it has been an extremely helpful insight !
Debbie and Tom Lee
Gigasoft Development
[email protected]

Media Angles
Incredible product! Living without your product now would be like trying to fly an airplane without instruments. We could probably get it off the ground, but CounterCentral has allowed us to gauge our efforts, measure our progress and really helped our web site to fly. Thanks !
Troy Whitmore
(416) 416-923-0648
[email protected]

Simbatta - asian gifts and collectibles
Thanks for the speedy reply, and thanks for taking care of my problem. You guys are great. Just FYI. I used to carry other counter stuff to validate my data, but I have dropped everyone else in favor of CounterCentral. I am revamping my web site to correct for this.
Ed Goland
[email protected]

Many thanks for the information. This has to be the best, most user-friendly service on the net. Regards,
John Bapty Oates
[email protected]
(...) One more thing, I am extremly satisfied with CounterCentrals' service, and your support response time is astonishing. Thanks again,
Benj Bilheimer
[email protected]

Theresa Weir's Homepage
CounterCentral ofers an excellent service. The counters are attractive as well as functional. The site monitoring is a great feature for all types of web sites, from personal homepages to business sites. Finally, the customer service at CounterCentral is wonderful -- efficient and helpful.
Theresa Weir
[email protected]

Out of all my experience CounterCentral is the most effective and useful counter system I have ever used, they neatly graph all the information in bar graph formats so it is easier to view. They also have great quality, and professional looking counters that fit any type of website anywhere. I would have to nominate CounterCentral as the Top counter system I have ever seen.
Airwolf Designs
[email protected]

Campbelltown Monarch Panthers
The best counter service around. It offers great options and is extremely reliable.
[email protected]

NCSU Aerial Robotics Club
Unlike the other (web services, counters, etc) this one is extremely easy.... no red tape or extra adds. Very simple to sign up and very efficient statistics make it a great counter. I hate having to hunt the web for things I need for the site, but was a one stop shop for things i needed.
Andy Domina
[email protected]

Extremely Lauren
I've tried many different counters out and I have to say, CounterCentral's counter is the best: hands down! CounterCentral gives you many different options, all of which make your webpage an awesome place to visit. I recommend CounterCentral 100%!
[email protected]

Chalkmark Interactive
CounterCentral provides an excellent service, the whole process of setting up an account and adding a counter to my Web Site was very simple and straight forward. I would recommend it to anyone, especially it they are setting up a site for the first time.They also offer a tremendous variety of counter types.
David Chalk
[email protected]

Well, hello there...
I can honestly say that CounterCentral has been perfect. It's given me stats that I didn't even know were possible to obtain! It's worked wonderfully, thank you.
Laurie York

[email protected]

Tye Dye University
I love I can't believe they track everything they track for as little as the charge. Hope you don't raise my fee after reading this !
Scott Savage
[email protected]

The Ware Family
Quick and easy setup! I wish I found it sooner. Makes having a counter on your page one of the more simple features of my site!
Bill Ware
[email protected]

This service is probably the best investment you can make in your site. For anyone who lacks the budget or power to run this sort of analyzation locally, hook up with CounterCentral. You won't be sorry.
Dan Reif
[email protected]

Athena Herbals
CounterCentral is a great service, I love knowing how many people have hit on our site, it is very exciting to see dramatic increases in numbers. The traffic reports are very clear and concise. An absolutely great service.
Kim Creighton
Athena Herbals
[email protected]

Crag Dhe Cead Pipe Band Web Pages
I've tried several web counter services in the last seven years and some of them, while sohisticated with many interactive features, they were overpriced due to all the bells and whistles. CounterCentral give me the same type of information in a very simple and easy to use format. CounterCentral is OK in my book
William F. Armstrong
[email protected]

Welcome To My Nightmare: The Ramblings Of An Ill-behaved Mind
Sinse My personal web page is so new, I was happy to know how many people had clicked-in and I loved being able to find from what part of the world they were from! I only gave out my addy at first to friends, and seeing how often a person cicked-onto my site was a lot of fun! You guys are great!
T. Jammer
[email protected]

CounterCentral has been the most dependable counter I have ever come across ! I have counters that are three years and running, and still no problems ! CounterCentral is the one company that will be around. This company will last longer then your webpage, unlike many others.
Jose Hanza
[email protected]

Deaf Dominican
CounterCentral looks amazing and helps us to analyze how many deaf visitors did visit my URL, hope it get increased and interests to us. Thanks.
Raphael Joa
[email protected]

A Baby's Angel in Michigan
I really loved the stats. They let me know from day to day just what is happening with my traffic. I enjoy knowing who were repeat visitors. The service is very helpful when you need to know how many visitors and from where. Thanks CounterCentral.

Master's Fortress
CounterCentral should be considered a leader in web page counters. They have something for everyone. They provide a web counter so that you can know exactly how many individuals have visited your site. It gives you an opportunity to show the world just how popular your web site is. They also provide exceptional services for a minimal cost per month. I recommend it to everyone.
Master Al
[email protected]

A Hepatitis C Primer
Very reliable and useful.
EW Moreland
[email protected]
CounterCentral is a great hit counter and tracker for any site. They feature multiple designs for your counter so that it fits perferctly with your site. I loved that visitor tracking system.
Richard Sayer
[email protected]

Porklane AkkaBakkamy
This is really a great service. I was alway curious about how many visitors we got and now I know for sure.
[email protected]

Amateur Astronomy Picture Of The Day
I love using this counter it is so easy to get it setup. It keeps a very accurate record of who has hit your site, and I would recomend this site to anyone that has a exsisting web page or someone that is starting a webpage.
Eric Borkowski
[email protected]

Springdale Missionary Baptist Church
I searched and searched for a reliable free hit counter that had some visual appeal. Every time I thought I had found one either the counter would quit working or their was a banner to display that would show inappropriate material for a church website. I really appreciate CounterCentral. Their counters are attractive and reliable.
Jeff Richards
[email protected]

CapFrog's Toy Web Page!
I love the stats! The counters you can choose from are great! Keep up the good work! ] :)
[email protected]

Columbus, O., Civil War Tokens
Great service, tremendous stats package. I especially like that it told me the size of monitors people were using.
Gerald Tebben
[email protected]

Doug Colton, from the inside out
It is amazing to me to have found such a service. The wide variety of counters available, the ease and flexibility of it's use, far outweighs any other I have seen available on the web. The traffic analysis is a wonderful inexpensive addition to those who want to monitor search engine activity on your web site. If you are looking for high quality, flexibility and control, CounterCentral is the place to go. Thank you for offering such a fine service.
Cheryl Bohn
[email protected]

Cincinnati GLBT Pride 2001
CounterCentral has been great with helping me know who my users are especially with operating systems, resolution, and browsers. Knowing your users' computer setup is important when a planning a web site that is compatible with the users' systems. Thanks!
Kerry Wickstrom
[email protected]

Berlin Embroidery Designs
CounterCentral has provided me a very reliable hit counter. The counter is attracitve yet subtle and I would reccomend anyone looking for a hit counter to use CounterCentral.
Tanja Berlin
[email protected]

The Bitch's Lair
CounterCentral has been brilliant.
[email protected]

Very good service and always a direct view at your statistics.
Peter Moes
[email protected]

Christian D/s
It is the best counter I have had yet!I love all the choices as well.Try it!
[email protected]

The Vampire Armand ~ Eternitys Temptation
I was referred to CounterCentral by another site, and I am very pleased that I have chosen to go with you for mine. Implementing the counter was simple and quick, and it is easy to read. I have been very satisfied with it so far.
[email protected]

Daniel's Really Awesome Website
I think it is a great service, and I would recommend it to anyone !
Daniel Turnmire
[email protected]

Uptown Flavors
I love the way CounterCentral gives information like traffic from the last thirty days to the screen size the visitor is using, It's wonderful ! I find the graphs easy to understand and very convenient. I am a very satisfied customer.
Sophia Sylvester
[email protected]

Da Northpole
CounterCentral is great. I have had thousands of hits and now for the first time, I may bask in my own glory. Thank you CounterCentral for your service. You guys n gals rock.
Pope Vladimus Maximus The 3rd
[email protected]

Perfect! Just what we need!
Alexandru Neicu
[email protected]

Javid's Unofficial Website
A very well presented webspace for choosing sparkling counters & traffic analysis system. One thing I can add is that it's too good.
Javid Ahamed M S
[email protected]

Outdoor Videos
The counter on ms site is great. It's done a very good job. Thanks for doing a great job !
Lowell Poland
[email protected]

Genealogy & My ancestors
Nice to have an easy way to have counter on your site.
Jon Anders Strand
[email protected]

Totally Lance
I love CounterCentral. Before I got it, my counter would have days where it wouldn't load or show the numbers at all, but since I have gotten my counter at CounterCentral, it has worked perfectly! I am very happy with it.
Shannon Bollen

Reza's Homepage
Very good counter services.
Reza Bosaghzadeh
[email protected]

On-line Dumping
I was impressed with my page counter from CounterCentral. The source from where your hits are coming from and the new/visited information is highly informative.
Mark Mally
[email protected]

Millennium Gallery of Living Art
CounterCentral was easy to use. I had it up and running in 15 min. The small monthly fee I pay for stats. is well spent.
Tim Corley
[email protected]

Best Britney Website
Awesome, keeps awesome tack of visitors! :o)
Channce Jones
[email protected]

Geraldine's EBay Auction Connection
This counter is great. It gives an accurate vision of visitors to your web site.
Geraldine Muhammad
[email protected]

Shane Walker motorcycle drag racing
I like this counter. It works very well and practically. What is more the "All-in-one: Global Results" is perfect and excellent, in particular, the "country of origin" is useful and important.
Yu Heci
[email protected]

Natural Health Products from Finland
Very good and informative site with easy to use products.
Shane Walker
[email protected]

the stellar kin webspace
Our counter is everything the band needs- it's easy to put up and it's low-maintenance.
Stellar Kin
[email protected]

The advantage of having a CounterCentral counter and tracker is following the growth of your site, not only through the steady tick of the counter, but also the statistics that appear on the tracker page, allowing you track those hits, see when you get hit the most, where those hits are from and what your visitors are browsing with.
Steff Keightley
[email protected]

The Official PoanLiar Website
Excellent counter service. I think they have a very nice selection to choose from and they are very courteous.
Matt Moore
[email protected]

Tiffany's Page
CounterCentral is great! It lets you know how many people have visited so you know what kind of traffic to expect in the future... and you get to try it free. You'll like it : I did !
Tiffany Whitlow
[email protected]

Gene's Place For Genealogy Information and Resources
I really appreciate your services. I have friends who have commercial websites, and just today recommended your site to one of them. Your services also let me track information about my site. Keep up the great service, and thanks!
Gene Stark
[email protected]

Great service.Excellent way of keeping track of the number of hits on your site. I give it a 10.
[email protected]

Ateneo Human Rights Center
INSTANT! Had to beat a deadline. 4 hours to go. Had a counter in 10 minutes!
Andrew D. Castro
[email protected]

Tom Culler's Home on the Web
I love CounterCentral - The hit counter is nice, but the real power is seeing where visitors are coming from - what search engine they're using, even what search string they used to get there! That help me tailor my keywords and shows me which engines are most valuable!
Tom Culler
[email protected]

Emily's Place
You guys have awesome stuff for your page!!
[email protected]

Official BubbleBall web page
CounterCentral provides very efficient and easy to use internet tools at fair prices. One of the best on the internet !
[email protected]

Woodson Miniature Horses
This has been a very informative thing to have. It even tells you if they are new viewers, where, when, etc... has worked out wonderfully... would recommend it for anyone.
Clara Woodson
[email protected]

Ancient Egypt Online Resource
A great and attractive way to easily see how popular your site is becoming.
Danny Doyle
[email protected]

Golden Dawn Hellenic Nationalist Movement
The best counter recource in the whole world wide web !!! Very nice with awesome tools and "smart" test period of 30 days !
Theodore Kavagias
Golden Dawn Hellenic Nationalist Movement

Rosemont United Church
CounterCentral provided us with a broad selection of attractive counters. It was impossible "not" to find the counter that best suited our page layout! The hard part was choosing the best of several great designs, all of which would have worked nicely for us.
C. Swan
[email protected]

CC Wrestling
CounterCentral is awesome! They have kept accurate counts on my site for a while now with no worries. I feel CounterCentral IS the Central for all Counters anyone would need!
Daniel McCall
[email protected]