Quantity discounts

If you own several paying accounts with us we will give you quantity discounts from 10% to 50%. Our rebate schedule is as follows :

Total number of accounts Discount on total fees
1 to 40%
5 to 910%
10 to 1920%
20 to 3930%
40 to 4940%
50 and over50%

Note 1 : the accounts must be held and paid for by the same person/organization.

Note 2 : if you register 5 accounts today and 10 more in a month, you discount will be automatically adjusted to the total number of registered accounts in your possession and will be reflected on your next monthly bill.

Note 3 : the accounts must be paid by monthly credit card charges directly to us. Paypal payments will benefit from a discount but not retroactively, so if you buy 4 accounts today, you will pay full price. If you buy a fifth one later it will be discounted but the original 4 will remain at full price (because we can not easily modify a Paypal subscription once it has been set with Paypal)