Installing CounterCentral

add the tracking code to your site

Copy the code below and paste it 'as is' in the HTML of all your pages, anywhere between the <body> and </body> tags (or in an HTML widget if your site editor does not let you edit your HTML and offers that option instead)

Note: if your site has a footer file that is automatically appended to all your pages, adding the code to that file will cover your whole site with just one installation

Need help? Ask us, or go here for more detailed instructions and step-by-steps for popular platforms.

After you are done installing, click on the 'check my installation' button below and we'll verify that CounterCentral is properly installed on your pages.

Choose your installation:
This version of the tracking code should be used by default. It is asynchronous, which means that it will not slow your site down at all.
This code is for tracker ID: countercentral

All done? Check that CounterCentral is properly installed and active on your site: click below